david Gregory

I've been working with the Driven team for the last five years. I've been able to reduce health risks, remove medication and improve my overall physical health. Heading into my 60's, being the fittest I've been in my life. 

Shawnee Eidt

Having two young daughters, I understand how my actions impact their decisions. So after some health complications, started working with Driven to make it a priority for me and the health of with my family.

I've worked with Michelle and the Driven team in studio, participated with the Driven team in community events and our 1/2 + full marathon relay teams. Currently working with Coach Michelle for nearly three years, and since moving away, taking advantage of their online training programs for my convenience and continued progress. 

Brittany Soriano

Michelle is there to keep me on track, you are the best coach a girl could ask for! Competing isn't for everyone but Michelle does an incredible job, listening and helping me bring my best package to the stage.

She's taught me that I just have to trust the process, keep my head down and not freak out about not coming in lean enough. I feel positive and get excited, when my new workouts arrive in my inbox from my brilliant coach, Michelle. I just gotta keep on going!