What is
Thai Yoga treatments?

Thai Treatment as we practice it, incorporates muscle manipulation techniques (massage) with assisted stretches and meditation in order to achieve deeper state of relaxation.

Thai Treatment as we practice it, incorporates muscle manipulation techniques (massage) with assisted stretches and meditation in order to achieve deeper state of relaxation.

Benefits of Thai Yoga treatment



  • Soothes general aches and pains

  • Releases specific muscular tension

  • Overall improvement of immune function

  • Reduces inflammation of the body,
    reducing soreness

  • Help rid of “knots” resulting in physical loosening

  • Reduces headaches and migraines

  • Increases joint motion and flexibility over time

  • Reduces stress hormone levels

  • Assists in removal of cellular debris


  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces fatigue, specially with people with serious illnesses
    going through treatments

  • Shifting energy blocks, relieving physical blocks for healthy flow of energy throughout the body


  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Increases alertness

  • Reduces cortisol results in calmer mental activity and
    even lower blood pressure

  • Improves mental acuity and alertness


  • Helps to manage depression

  • Aids in improving digestive issues


The Experience

The main difference between Thai Yoga Treatment and conventional oil-based massage forms is that we have multiple forms of touch and movement that are included in the repertoire. In conjunction with regular muscle manipulation, we use joint articulation and assisted stretches and twists to provide a more holistic experience.

  • The treatment is done on a mat on the floor and clothed with long comfortable pants and either a tank top or t-shirt

  •  Breathing techniques are taught through assisted stretches and points of muscle tensions to help loosen up the muscles and reach a point of relief

  • Communication is encouraged if pressure is needing adjustment

  • All movements are done slowly with compassion and meditation in mind

  • There will be relaxing music playing in the background

  • Relax, enjoy and sink into deep therapeutic relaxation

How long are the services and what are the costs?

60 minutes -$65

Release the most common upper body tension, of shoulders, neck, head, back and chest. Feel 100% better and rejuvenated from your daily stressors.

90 minutes - $95

A complete focus on the upper body plus some lower body manipulation to stretch out those tight spots of the hips and lower back. Feel de-stressed, flexible and relaxed after this treatment, ready to tackle those activities and adventures ahead.

120 minutes- $125

A full body therapeutic and full relaxation. Upper and lower body tensions are addressed with longer time to zone out and decompress on the mat. This is a complete body, mind and soul release. Treat yourself to this well deserved “YOU” time and reboot your whole system. You will be hooked.


When and How can I book? 

Saturday’s starting at


60 minute-120 minute sessions available

Please email me at michelle@drivenlifestylegroup.com with your request date and time

Or text or call at 306-529-9729 with your request date and time. 

How can I pay for my service?


Debit or credit available on site



Before, during and after care


Before: Arrive 15 minutes prior for brief consultation and to fill out intake form, wear comfortable pants either a t-shirt or tank top.

During: Allow for some communication to adjust pressure, but remaining quiet and relaxed is ideal for full benefit of the service.

After: Expect to feel good with some tightness in the areas worked on, continue to move lightly, drink water, and watch movement patterns to alleviate those chronic tensions.

Reschedule between 4-8 weeks for your maintenance appointment for upkeep and overall good health.