Right from the beginning, I felt welcome and part of a team at Driven. Everyone looks out for each other - and celebrates success. It is a very fun, encouraging and supportive environment

How long have you been with Driven Lifestyle Group and which services are you using?    Since July, 2014; I started training two times a week, then three, and now unlimited.   Michelle kept suggesting she work with me on nutrition, and I finally agreed in March of this year.   I have also had the privilege of being Michelle's client for my hair for several years, since 2008.  I also love Recharge Cafe - but more on that later.

Why choose Driven over other fitness facilities?
I have tried many different fitness routines.  In 2005 I started swimming 5 days a week, and Pilates 3 -4 times a week.   It worked - I lost about 35 pounds, and was very lean.   However - I was not strong.   I monitored everything I ate - and life really was not that much fun.   Both were very isolated and lonely activities.   In 2010 I stumbled across Physique 57, a barre class that one could do at home.   It was great - but again, isolated, and while it started to build muscle - I was still very lean.

In 2011 I tried P90X.  I have never been comfortable exercising in front of people.  It did help me build strength, and some confidence that it would be ok to work out in front of others.   In 2012 I spontaneously decided on boxing.  I trained and competed in a women's fundraising Boxing Event - to raise money for Regina Palliative care.   Having a goal was something new - and Michelle reinforced how important goals are. Her journey is very moving.  I have watched her over the years and been very inspired.  Last July - I decided it was time to get strong! Michelle had spoken to me several times about checking things out - and I decided the time was right.  I reached out - and Michelle was so excited it was contagious. I started twice a week, then three times, and now as often as possible.  The energy and atmosphere is addictive.  So why driven vs.. others?  It is the support, the attitude, enthusiasm and excitement - there really is a sense of fun and magic - hard to capture in words.

 Tell the story about your eureka moment when you realized that going to Driven was actually going to change your life?
Michelle had been suggesting from the beginning of my journey to sit down for Nutrition Consultation.  She could tell that I was not getting enough fuel to accomplish my fitness goals.  I had resisted - until March of 2015.  I thought my nutrition was fine - despite the fact I had been unable to donate blood for the past two years due to very low hemoglobin.  I simply attributed that to getting older.  When I saw her nutrition plan, I was nervous because the macros were almost double what I was getting.  How could I?  What would happen?  Would I gain weight?    I come from a generation where Carbs are evil....and she wanted me to double?   But I trusted her.  I increased my food - and my weight did not change.   What?  In April, one month later - on the fly I decided to try donate blood again,   I assumed I would be rejected.  To my surprise, not only was my hemoglobin level acceptable - it was way beyond required level. This was such a great reinforcement to the coaching and advice. Now I am able to do something that is very important to me – Donate blood on a regular rotation. This is a life changing moment! In order to double protein Driven recommended Vega Protein powders - with tips on how to prepare.   Daily shakes made it easier to achieve the protein goal.  The great food from Recharge Cafe continues to help and amaze.  I had thought for years I did not like Quinoa, yams or chick peas!  Go figure!

What is your lifestyle goal for 2015 and beyond? 
My goal is to be able to complete Pull ups without the bands, and I know I will get there.  Who knows what else I will want to do – I continue to look for new challenges – and embrace them!