Welcome to your year of success 

Committing to a lifestyle change is the ultimate investment in yourself. We want to support your goals fully and offer a variety of services to compliment that through:

Semi-Private training | Online coaching
Nutrition & Workout Programming   


Be Driven

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We recognize that success is defined differently for every individual. Our programs are designed specifically for you and the goals that you've set out to achieve.

All memberships include, in studio + online memberships - Regular coaching check-ins, individualized plan, 15% off supplements & apparel. Celebration package upon completion of program.

SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING - Your individual plan and sessions with a coach guiding you every step of the way

Semi Private 2 - Three Semi Private sessions weekly $149/month

Three times a week of resistance training is transformational in gaining strength, improving movement pattern, losing body fat and making progressive transformation. A beginner  to intermediate client looking to get more comfortable in the gym, managing a lifestyle disease/condition and want to improve overall health, mood, and bloodwork results.

Semi Private 3 - Unlimited Semi Private sessions $169/month

Unlimited weekly training sessions is the ultimate transformation package for any individual who is looking to make a complete lifestyle change. Gain strength, build lean muscle mass, transform mindset and physique. See a noticeable improvement from the first session, just show up and everything is tailored for your success!

ONLINE COACHING - You have enough to deal with already, leave the nutrition & workout details for us to deliver to you, tailored to your goals.

Online Nutrition coaching

The solution to every nutrition limiting factor. Eating out too often, eating too big of a portion, not knowing what to eat, when to eat, how to support performance? With daily support, guidance and accountability, every step at the way whatever life throws at you, you will learn sustainable way to eat healthily without dieting. All delivered conveniently to you through our nutrition app.

Online Workout Programming

The solution to walking into any gym and knowing exactly what to do based on your goals. Lose weight, build strength, have more energy and transform your physique. All delivered through our online workout app.

Online Nutrition and Workout Coaching $169/month

The ultimate combo for a complete lifestyle change. Tell us your goal and in under a year you will be in better shape you ever thought possible. All delivered through our online app.

Other Driven Services

Lifestyle disease management consultation

Kickstart your journey to better health, start feeling better, get moving and exercising, lose body weight, reduce medication and manage lifestyle diseases. A four week kickstart program based around three times a week of prescribed safe workout sessions, specific nutrition guidance and coaching support to ensure you’re on the right track to better overall health. Your health care team will see noticeable results and you both will be happy with your progress.

Individual coaching sessions

For anyone needing direction with their individual fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals. If you don’t know how and where to start, you can receive the advice and direction you need to make a lifestyle change you have been looking forward to.

Personal Training Session

For someone needing guidance on proper form, an assessment on specific movement patterns and coaching when it comes to the different exercises. Feel the difference in your movement patterns and ability to lift with confidence to see the results you have been looking for from your workouts.

Driven speaking opportunity
starts at $199

The Driven team with  a wealth of knowledge and personal experience when it comes to the field of health, lifestyle, wellness and exercise. Have them speak, share and educate in a small, large group or lecture setting to cover specific or broad topics with any nutrition and lifestyle needs.